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BeachbodyNowadays, if you want to get fit and healthy it can be done pretty much anywhere. It is because of the accessibility of the technology. Even though, some of people still use the gym as their place to get fit; when you actually can do it at home.

Major technology developments supports a fit lifestyle to make it easy to do. For example, there are many mobile applications which provide a workout and diet plan for the user.  Using a mobile application is a great way to remind you when to exercise and have a decent meal plan. Because every one is using a mobile phone for their day to day activities..

With technology developments, Beachbody takes the opportunity to utilize a  mobile phone.  Beach body workouts for android has many different products of workouts. Such as P90X, Insanity and hip hop abs.   The mos popular product of Beachbody is P90X.  It’s got a lot of attention from a lot of people so Beachbody has now made P90X application for android. The P90X of Beachbody is not only available for android but also on the iOs app store.

So how does it work ?

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The features of beach body workouts android includes the plan, the fast track and others features which makes it fun to do exercise. The many different plans of the beach body workouts android can help you get the sweat you need each day. You can choose the program and calendar before doing the routine exercise plan.

With the beach body workouts android version you can even make own program of workouts like swimming, jogging or hiking. The tracking feature can help you improve your workout to reach your goals. In the tracking feature, you can record the sets, reps and weight as you complete each P90X workout.

Just like other mobile applications, the beach body workouts android version also provides a badge for the user. You can get badges if you accomplish the specific fitness goals, completing workout and other training activities. You can also earn the cash and prize of working out. Your friends can also see your progress as you can you share your workout activities with them.

The P90X for beach body workouts android version is not replacing the DVD system. It is designed to become a complement for the DVDs. So, you can use it as a support for your exercise. You can also find the workout plan calendar by taping “start a program” and then go to the “my program” or the calendar screen and choose the program that you want.

The tracking plan of P90X on android includes different phases. If you choose the P90X3 program, you can choose the focus term that you want such as classic, lean, doubles or mass program. On the beach body workouts android, you can also add a photo.

It is very nice incentive to see the physical development of you “before and after”. The P90X on android also has a guided workout. It’s designed specifically for the Smartphone. It includes the video demonstration, tips on form, audio guidance from Tony Horton, you can also take the guided workout for free.

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