Weight Watchers Meals For A Week

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Weight Watchers is very well known as one diet plan that can give you success in losing weight. The diet plan is simple, easy, and not too tight so you will definitely be able to enjoy a healthy diet. Here are several ideas of Weight Watchers meals for a week you can make at home.

The great news of the Weight Watcher diet plan is that you can eat whatever you want with reasons and conditions. You need to still stick to healthy and nutritional foods with low-fat ingredients.

Here is how weight watchers’ meals for a week really works.

weight watchers meal plan

Breakfast Menu

The first idea you need to learn first is about making breakfast.

As it has been mentioned before, this diet is not considered as a very tight one so there will definitely be a wider variety of meals you can have.

There are a lot of breakfast menu ideas you can have that are totally safe for a Weight Watchers diet plan.

The basic type of breakfast menu in the Weight Watchers diet is a breakfast menu with low calories. There are a lot of ideas for your breakfast menu for a whole week.

For example, you can simply take a glass of juice and a bowl of sweet cereal. Another alternative is one or two eggs with a glass of low-fat milk and wheat toast.

In addition, you can also have various fruits, vegetables, and healthy carbs that can make you full until lunchtime.

Lunch Menu

Aside from breakfast, the lunch menu idea for Weight Watchers meals for a week is definitely more interesting.

For lunch, you can have a bigger meal with a wider variety of choices. However, it is probably a bit difficult for those who are working and have to run errands even during lunchtime.

Hence, you need something quick and simple in this case. Fortunately, the Weight Watchers diet allows you to have a McDonald’s plain burger which is safe for you to consume.

You can also pair the plain burger with fresh vegetables and fruits so the lunch will still be healthy and nutritional. However, it is best if you can prepare your own lunch at home.

For example, you can have whole wheat bread turkey sandwiches with low-fat cheese, lettuce, and tomato slices. You can also add an apple with a handful of popcorn so your lunch can be more interesting and appetizing.

weight watchers plan ahead meals

Dinner Menu

For dinner time, you can have a lot of fun creating your own meal with healthier substitutes. For example, if you really love hamburgers then you can replace it with a veggie burger or turkey that has lower fat than ham.

You can also have a healthy salad with no cheese sauce but pepper, rosemary, salt, and garlic. As an alternative, you can also toast some red potatoes with grilled salmon for a more appetizing dinner menu.

Dessert and Snack

In planning the Weight Watchers meals for a week you do not have to worry about snacks or desserts because you can have them as well.

In this case, you can eat anything but it will be much better for you to stick with healthy ones instead. For example, you can have almonds or pretzels for fulfilling your hunger between meals.

You can also have frozen yogurt or strawberries with whipped cream that can absolutely brighten your diet.

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