The Perfect Original Hurom Original Slow Juicer for the Juice Diet

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A juice diet will help you to detox, help you lose weight and cleanse your system at a very fast and healthy pace.  There are a lot people that have had success with the juice diet.  The juice you need can be extracted at home using a Hurom Original Slow Juicer.

A Juice diet is very healthy and safe if its done right. The process is so very simple to do in your everyday life. You just need to run the juicer to process fruits and vegetables, when ever you need.

Why You Should Buy A Hurom Original Slow Juicer (HU- Series) for Your Juice Diet?


Hurom Original Slow Juicer

How a juicer can help your Diet

A slow juicer  can extract 35% more juice from your vegetables and fruits than a traditional high-speed juicer, leaving a lot less and drier pulp.

  •  Process vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, nuts, wheat grass and soy with easy to make a variety of milks, juices, sauces, and marinades or even baby food.
  • Hurom products comes with a 10 year warranty, it operates a motor with 150 watts of energy.
  • You don’t need to bother with the noise, because it is practically silent.
  • Comes with the cold-press juicer features a heavy-duty Ultem stainer and auger. It is proven eighty times stronger than traditional plastics and handles both coarse and fine foods easily.
  •  The food will not loose its nutrients because the juicer gently squeezes ingredients. Slow squeezing technology is great to retain heat-sensitive nutrients such as live enzyme and vitamins A and C.

The Hurom Slow Juicer is one of the appliances you should have in your kitchen to optimize the absorption of nutrients in your diet.


  • Blessedly quite
  • The juice doesn’t spit out at high velocity causing splashing everywhere
  • You can process small berries and things like pomegranate seeds easily


  • Very expensive juicer but worthy for your money
  • The parts are not dishwasher safe, but it is easy to clean

What People Said About Hurom Original Slow Juicer?

Hurom Juicer

Where Should I Buy the Hurom Original Slow Juicer?

Amazon offers a great discount on the Hurom Original Slow Juicer if you buy it in hurry.  They give you a 25% of discount so the price fall into the $200 – $399 price range & FREE SHIPPING

Visit here for the best value Juicer.

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