Try Adding Campbell Soup To Your Diet

There is no doubt that kids are usually difficult to be fed with any nutritious foods because healthy foods.  Whatever you try feeding them, is usually not delicious enough for them.  So like any good parents, we believe that parents should trick kids with the foods they are feeding them.  Campbell soup is one of the soups which comes variety of different flavors.  The different range of soups, makes its a easy option for being served to you or your kids.

campbell soup

What you need to remember about Campbell soup

Keep in mind however, if its a quick meal but you want also healthy. Then you need to understand the nutritional facts of Campbell’s soup.   Because it is essential to know how many calories or other nutrients that your taking in with each bowl. With all the talk about diets, size of meal and nutrients that you need is the hot topic.

 Understanding the Campbell soup label

Being healthy is always connected with a slim and shaped body.  Therefore, a “healthy” term is always considered as a subjective term.  Take the time and read the food label, so you know what food is good for you .

You need to be able to evaluate it, then it can be compared to the recommended amounts of nutrients for the average diet. Campbell soup is one of the diet menu items, that can be considered by you, with chicken noodle soup being one of the most popular varieties of this soup that can be made by yourself easily at home.

It is said that it is good for your diet because 60 calories are contained in one serving of chicken noodle soup.

Moreover, two grams of fat, a half of which is saturated fat and also 890 mg of sodium are contained in it and eight grams of carbohydrates, a gram of dietary fiber and three grams of protein are contained in one serving as well.

A line of “Healthy Request” soups is also offered by Campbell soup.  The taste is almost the same as their regular soups that are more heart-healthy and it can be taken as a sample if your own soup wants to be made.

For instance, their is less than half an amount of sodium in the regular chicken noodle soup and only 0.5 g of saturated fat, which are contained in one serving of the Healthy Request chicken noodle soup.

Understanding fats in the soup

Moreover, 0.5 g of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are also contained in it.  So you will not be put at risk for cardiovascular and other diseases. 450 mg of potassium, an essential electrolyte used by your body for muscle contraction and other functions are also contained in chicken noodle soup.

However, levels of sodium that you will be put at risk for going over the 2,400 mg a day recommendation set forth by the FDA are also contained in the regular Campbell soup.

Diet wtih Campbell Soup

Diet with Campbell Soup

A broth-based soup can be eaten by you before a meal.  Its a great way to control your appetite effectively, so you will eat less food at lunch or dinner. If you choose Campbell soup, your dieting process will be easier because you will take in  fewer calories at meals.

Cream-based soups should be avoided with this approach because more calories and grams of fat are contained in them.

There are many ways in losing weight and keeping healthy.  The problem is not all of these ways are healthy.   Campbell soup may be considered by you because your diet will also be helped and lightened considerably. Good luck in keeping your health or even losing your weight!

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