Detox Bath For Weight Loss

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Taking a detox bath is definitely one of the most useful ways to help you maintain a healthy and also ideal body. In this modern era, people have already been very familiar with various types of detox bath for weight loss out there. These detox baths are especially designed not only for cleansing our body from toxins but to also help us lose weight as well.

Detox bath for weight loss

When the toxins in our body are wiped out, our body weight will automatically be reduced as well. Therefore, professionals say that detox baths should also be considered as an indirect weight loss program. Here, we are going to give you several examples of detox bath recipes for losing weight you can try at home.

Ginger and Epsom Salt Detox Bath

In order to open the pores of your body, you need to add ginger into your detox bath. The system in your body can easily get rid of the toxins if you are sweating more so ginger is the best ingredient that can help this process.

The Epsom salt is also the commonest ingredient of detox baths out there that can significantly help you remove the toxins. However, for those who have diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart trouble better not use Epsom salt because it can make your current health condition worse.

To prepare the detox bath, you can fill your tub with hot water. Make sure the heat is enough for you to sweat but not able to burn your skin. Add 2 cups of Epsom salt and 2 tablespoons of fresh ginger.

Home Detox Bath

Vinegar Detox Bath

Another recipe for a detox bath for weight loss you can also try is vinegar detox bath. The vinegar is said to be very effective, not only to remove toxins in your body, but also to flush out your body’s excess uric acids. You can have this kind of vinegar detox bath for about forty minutes so you can completely flush out the unnecessary substances and toxins in your body.

Prepare the hot water in your tub then add two cups of Epsom salt and also one apple cider vinegar, just one cup will be enough, then stir them. Afterwards you can soak in the tub for the recommended time then rinse your body.

detox bath at home for weight loss

Baking Soda Detox Bath

This type of detox bath is also very efficient to help your body sweat fairly so the toxins in your body can be pulled out through the pores of your skin, along with the sweats. Similar to the previous detox baths, you can prepare the hot tub then simply add 2 cups of Epsom salt and 2 cups of baking soda.

However, since baking soda is said to be stronger than vinegar so it is recommended for you to soak in the detox bath for shorter time, about twenty to thirty minutes only. You can rub your body gently using a soft sponge or loofah in the process. In addition, you can also mix the ingredients of the previous detox bath for weight loss recipes for greater result.

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