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If you fit into the category of overweight people or how overweight you are cannot be determined manually or it cannot also be determined when the height-to-weight chart is simply referenced by you even though the relationship between your height and weight is also important relationship, but the size of your body frame and how muscular you are included in other variables coming into play.

Therefore, a height and weight converter are also needed by you and it is usually known as the body mass index or a modified version of a height-to-weight chart. So, before you decide to be on a diet program, it should be made sure if you really need the diet plan.


A number that is then compared to an ideal range where a healthy weight is represented will usually be yielded by a mathematical conversion of your height and weight and if you are included in the overweight people, you will be told by your BMI about how overweight you are so everything can be handled by you.

However, the failure that the other relevant factors cannot be referred to is one of the BMI’s main weaknesses, but a rough of where you stand will be given by your BMI. So, a height and weight converter is always needed by you here.

height and weight converter advantagesYour BMI can be calculated by you and it can be done if your weight is divided in pounds by the square of your height in inches and the result can be multiplied by 703. However, your weight can also be divided in kilograms by the square of your height in meters if the metric system is preferred to be used by you, and 18.5 and 24.9 is the range of a healthy BMI.

You will be said that you are obese if a BMI of 30 or more is got by you and morbid obesity will be indicated by a BMI of 40.

The functions of heigth and weight converter

Your height can be plugged in and the BMI formula can be converted algebraically so body weight can be solved for and this can also be used if your ideal weight range wants to be calculated as well and an ideal weight according to this height and weight converter is any weight that you will be put in the healthy BMI range.

Your body frame size can also be approximated and your thumb and index finger can be taken by you while the wrist of your opposite hand at the bone can also be grasped. How the frame size can be calculated can be looked for on the site providing the body size chart.

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Muscle, fat, and bones are the ones making up your body weight and your percentage of body fat is included in your body composition and men can be said that they are healthy if the body fat percentages of between 10 and 25 percent are owned by them. While for women, they can be said healthy if the body fat percentages are between 18 and 30 percent as stated by the exercise physiologists Len Kravitz and Vivian Heyward of the University of New Mexico. You can measure your body fat percentage if you want.

using height and weight converter

Bioelectrical impedance analysis, underwater weighing, and skinfold measurements are included in several ways that can be done by you in order to measure your body fat percentage. So, a height and weight converter is a must to be used before you can do any diet plan. You will be benefited from this for sure.

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