A Keto Diet Menu That Works For You

If you are going to do a diet program, hopefully you’ve taken the time to research a good diet program that will work for you.  One of the most popular diet programs around at the moment that is  often chosen by many people for losing their weight is the ketogenic diet.  The keto diet menu can be searched by you on the internet, to see if the menu is interesting enough for you as a diet.

Keto Diet Menu Recipes

What you need to remember about the keto diet menu

As with any diet, it should be remembered that its all about controlling the portions and the menu you eat.  Which means the meats and the low carb veggies that are consumed by you are the bedrock of your diet.

Just like any diet, with the keto diet, you will feel hungry.  You need to break the habit of using junk foods as the solution.  Just like any diet eating any junk foods should be avoided by you.  With only the low carb, high fat foods that are allowed to be eaten as snacks.  Things like cream cheese, or a slice of cheese or a handful of macadamia nuts are included in the diet menu that can be considered to be eaten by you.

Breakfast with the keto diet

Breakfast is the cornerstone of your day.  With breakfast keto diet menu, you can try two eggs fried in butter with an ounce of chopped onion or other low carb vegetable, 1 oz of full fat cheese, and 4 slices of bacon. For a drink, coffee with 1 oz heavy cream is allowed to be drunk by you.

Lunch with the keto diet

The keto diet lunch menu is pretty impressive.  With things like, three cups of salad greens, six oz chicken breast strips which you cook in butter or olive oil.  Add with 4 T high fat, low carb salad dressing, an ounce of full fat cheese, a celery stalk with 1 oz cream cheese can be served by you for your keto diet.

For lunch drinks, try water or unsweetened flavored sparkling water or other unsweetened beverage.  Having these types of beverages in your diet will help a lot if these types of fluids consumed by you.  Just remember that water and drinks without sugar is the best for your diet and health.

Dinner on the keto

Now, lets start with dinner on the keto diet menu.  You can have six oz fried steaks that you have grilled or pan fried.  Mushrooms that you sauté in butter.  Try serving with broccoli or other low carb vegetables as sides.   The family with love these healthy recipes for dinner.

Again, for helping your diet program, sweetened water should never be drunk by you.  Its always water or unsweetened flavored sparkling water or other unsweetened beverage that you should choose as a beverage. You can have coffee with heavy cream as well, it taste pretty good too.

The next day’s keto diet menu will be different from today’s diet menu and for more details about the menu of day 2 or day 3 and so on and so on.  Try using Google and the search engines to browse further about the ketogenic diet menu.  With a bit of research you will find the complete menus to try. You can always copy recipes and try the ones that you like.

The Result of Keto Diet Menu

The keto diet menu may not be as strict as the other diet menus, but everything should be limited. Just start on the menu, then change a few things along the way.  Happy dieting.

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