Implanon and Weight Gain

Women these days have so many choices of birth control or contraceptives on the market. Technology and science have really invented a lot of innovative and effective devices to help control pregnancy. Implanon is one of those innovative birth control methods.  Since its release on the market, some users reported a correlation between implanon and weight gain.

After being compared to some vaginal contraceptives, implanon is reported to be more comfortable to use.  Some reports about this type of contraceptive method has scared a lot of women away.  Meaning that this birth control method ended up on the bottom of the list. It’s always better to discuss issues openly.  So in this post we wanted to look at implanon and the side effect of weight gain.

implanon and weight gain reviews

The Overview on implanon

This contraceptive product is actually made by Merck and Co. Implanon is a subdermal contraceptive implant single rod that is implanted under the upper arm skin. It contains progestin and etonogestrel that will be very effective to help you control pregnancy.

This birth control method is categorized as a long acting reversible birth control that you can use for three to four years. It means that you have to change it to a new one after three years or four years of use. As a birth control method it is considered as the most effective birth controller form so far.

The weight gain side effects

Of course, when there is a new product in the market people will start questioning the possible side effects. As for this birth control, some people made several testimonials regarding implanon and weight gain as the main side effect of this birth control method.

In fact, there is no conclusive result from any recent studies that actually prove this.  Some users of implanon reported gaining around five pounds in two years, which is seen as insignificant weight gain.

implanon and antibiotics

Other expected implanon side effect

Aside from weight gain, there are other possible side effects that are more significant and worrisome. One of those side effects is irregular bleeding, spotting and also amenorrhea.

In mostly cases, this occurrence happens during the 3 months of using this birth control method. Another possible side effect of this contraceptive is insertion complication that usually comes in a form of skin irritation, rash, bruise and pain.

Migration is another potential side effect that is actually very rare to happen. In this case the implanon may move from the insertion place and will make it difficult for you to remove it when the time comes.

The truth about implanon and weight gain

Even though there have been several people complained about implanon and weight gain.  As an effective birth control method, implanon is still ranking on the list with a failure rate of only about 0.05 percent.

According to recent studies over the use of this birth controller on more than two thousand women, no pregnancies have been found. There had been some pregnancies in that study.  But people said that they mainly caused by wrong insertion method and improper placement.

The reported failure cases were actually caused by human error so the problem is not the device itself.

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