What Are The Causes of Sudden Weight Gain?

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Have you ever gained some pounds of weight in a short time frame? In some cases, when you already have a regular diet and exercise plan in place that stays the same after quite a while yet you suddenly gain some unexpected pounds.  There are plenty of causes of sudden weight gain.

Sudden weight gain in women

Sudden weight gain in women


Those who have experienced that sort of sudden weight gain must be wondering what might be the causes. A consultation with your doctor is recommended, to have an early diagnosis of any dangerous illnesses.

But before you do so, you can keep on reading the rest of this article to get some information that might be useful for you.

sudden onset of weight gain

Sudden onset of weight gain

Don’t panic with sudden weight gain

When you are convinced that you do everything properly yet you still have a sudden weight gain.  It would be better to have a deeper evaluation of yourself to prevent some more serious illnesses. When you are sure that you have the right diet along with some regular exercises in your daily routine, there are some causes that can surprise you with a sudden weight gain.

The first thing you should do is to check whether you are taking some drugs or medications at the moment. The truth is that some drugs and medications like the ones for those who suffer from asthma, arthritis, and diabetes could be the cause of a sudden weight gain.

Some drugs like antidepressants and mood stabilizers could be behind your unexpected weight gain. If you wish to avoid a sudden weight gain during your treatment of your current illness, you can ask your doctor to give some other types of drugs or medications to treat that particular illness.

Causes of sudden weight gain

The next possible cause of sudden weight gain is Edema. This medical term has been familiar to those who have suffered from heart disease or kidney disease. Edema is known as swelling in your body caused by accumulated fluids in your system.

With Edema, you are most likely to end up gaining more weight in a few days or weeks. You can also have some accumulated fluids in your body when you regularly take a certain medication like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Hypothyroidism could be associated with a sudden weight gain as well. Your system will lose its capacity to burn calories quickly once your thyroid gland is unable to create plenty of thyroid hormones.

Are fatty acids the answer?

If your body experiences a deficiency of essential fatty acid, the chances of gaining more instantly would be very possible. Your body requires plenty of essential fatty acids in order to maintain the metabolism system.

What is sudden weight gain

What is sudden weight gain?

Another possible cause that makes you gain more weight in a very short time frame would be blood sugar imbalance. You might experience imbalanced blood sugar.  Usually when you consume the types of foods that contain plenty of simple and refined carbohydrates.

With this unhealthy eating habit, it would be very easy for you to feel hungry, tired, and weak.

In this condition, your system will try hard to produce more fats by converting the existing carbohydrates.

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