Gall Bladder Diet Restrictions

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The gallbladder is an important organ in your body which is located below the liver. This organ is very crucial in helping our body digest fatty foods. However, gall stones, cystic duct and inflammation problems can impinge the organ performing and give us severe pain.  There are several examples of gall bladder diet restrictions that can help you when you have gall bladder problems.

Some people even said that gall bladder problems are usually mistaken for a heart attack. Usually, the sufferers of gallbladder problems are given a gall bladder diet in order to minimize their gall bladder problems.

Gall Bladder Diet Restrictions

6 Gall bladder diet restrictions that will help your gall bladder

Spicy Foods

The very first example of foods that needs to be avoided by a person with a gall bladder problem is spicy foods. If your gall bladder is already suffering from an inflammation problem, the tissues will also be inflamed as well, which results in weak tissues.

Therefore, if you consume foods which contain peppers or chilli then it will not be good for the inflamed tissues.

Junk Foods

Another restricted food types for a gall bladder sufferer is junk foods or fast foods. Junk foods, such as snack foods, buttered popcorn, and also potato chips, are not good for your gall bladder problem.

It can make the injuries even worse because this kind of foods usually contains a high rate of cholesterol. Cholesterol is the main component that will be in charge of forming the gall stones.

Gas Producer

Foods, which are considered gas-producing, are also included in gall bladder diet restrictions you need to be careful of. What are the foods which are categorized as gas-producing? They are food items that significantly produce gas, such as carbonated drinks, cabbage, and also beans.

The production of bile in your gall bladder can be highly incited by the gas so it will also affect the digestive system.

Fried Foods

Fried food is also another food group that should be avoided by gall bladder sufferers. Deep-fried appetizer foods, deep-fried fish, chicken, egg and also bacon are several examples of unhealthy fried foods you need to completely avoid.

They contain cholesterol and grease that will decrease the growth of bile and feed the gall stones in your gall bladder.

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Fatty Meats

As has been explained previously, the gall bladder is in charge of producing bile, which has the role of breaking down fats. Therefore, if you have already had problems with your gall bladder then it is really not a wise idea to add the list of foods that can harm your gall bladder, isn’t it?

It can potentially increase the inflammation problem of your gall bladder. Therefore, it will be much better for you to avoid fatty foods such as fat-rich meats, heavily marbled beef, sausage, and steak.

Acidic Foods

Another food type in the gall bladder diet restrictions that need to be avoided is acidic food. Coffee, tomato sauce, fruit juices, and citrus fruits are considered acidic foods. The stomach’s lining in our body can be easily irritated by this type of foods.  Its easier to avoid food that causes gall bladder inflammation then it is to eat them an suffer the consequences.

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