National Guard Weight Requirements

With out a doubt, being a part of National Guard is probably the dream of a lot of teenagers out there. Not only is this is a prestigious job but also pays great as well. Hence, it is no wonder there are a lot of people who want to join the board of National Guard.

However, since there are a lot of people that want to joing means that it is also normal that you cannot pass the entrance test easily. There are a lot of requirements you need to meet first so you can be eligible.

One of thoseare the National Guard weight requirements you need to meet. You can read this article more if you feel that this topic is interesting. We are really going to talk about this topic more deeply below:

Nattional Guard Weight Requirements

The Importance of Controlling Weight

The importance of controlling weight

The importance of controlling weight

Firstly controlling weight is very important for the soldiers since they need to be fit and active as well. Taking a great balance between health and body mass is really important so the soldiers need to maintain their weight standard.

In addition, they have to also maintain their weight so they can keep up with the operation and the wear the military equipments. This is the exact reason why the government stated such weight standard so the soldiers can always be fit for their duties. Therefore, we can se that every morning the soldiers have to do physical training so they can still be within the weight standard.

The Application of Standards

Army national guard weight limit

Army national guard weight limit

How actually are the national guard weight requirements applied? Of course, there are a lot of factors that are used to determine the standards of the National Guard or soldiers. Basically, the requirements and standards will vary based on sex, fat levels, muscle mass and also body size.

In addition, the standards are also made based on age’s appropriate change as people age they will also gain weight.  The soldiers’ height is also included in considering  the National Guard weight requirements? We all know very well that taller soldiers typically have longer bone structures hence it is no wonder their weight will also be heavier compared to the shorter ones, despite the same age.

The Standards

In order to join the National Guard board, you need to fulfill the weight and height standards first of all. We have already known that the standards can widely vary but of course we are not going to talk about each detail in this article. Instead, we are going to talk about the average standards that will be stated for the applicants.

National Air Guard Requirements

For female soldiers who are between seventeen and twenty one year old, the maximum weight will be around one hundred and twenty nine pounds, and the average height will be around five feet and three inches.

Meanwhile the National Guard weight requirements for male soldiers who are in between seventeen and twenty one year old is around one hundred and seventy five pounds.

In addition, the average height for male soldiers will be around five feet and nine inches so if you are below these qualifications then you have a tiny chance to be accepted.

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