Turbo Fire Vs Insanity – Which One is better?

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 Turbo Fire Vs Insanity Which Is Better – Choose the Better oneUnfortunately the awareness of the benefits of being healthy and fit among the general population is still sadlylacking. It can be easily seen by many people enjoy eating junk food and rare to do exercise. Actually, the good taste of junk food can be a danger for the health. The effect of the bad habit is not for now but the future. To prevent you from the danger disease, you should smart in eating and do some exercise routine.

It would be great if those of activities can become a part of your life. Perhaps, you do not feel the effect in this age, but you can get bad effect in the old age. The exercise can be doing anywhere includes home. The method of exercise has adjusted with the people activities. If you are a busy person, there is no excuse of doing, not exercise. It is because Beachbody has provided the home exercise products such as P 90X, Insanity, and hip hop abs and turbo fire. So, you do not need much time to go to the gym and pay a lot of money for that.

Turbo Fire

Is a 90 day home workout program. This workout developed by Chalene Johnson. A program based on cardio kickboxing. The Turbo Fire workout uses the principals of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Your body will push hard with HIIT into the anaerobic zone.

The Turbo Fire method is a very high energy workout for you, it you want to burn hundred of calories. The other workout of Turbo Fire is more core work, kickboxing cardio, plenty of stretching and yoga.


Is a 60 day home workout program. The base of this workout is max interval training. The idea of the insanity workout is the intense routine which last from 30 seconds and followed by a short rest periods. If you do the insanity workout in routine, you can burn body fat very efficiently. The best thing about Insanity is burning fat is such as heart and abdominal area. The other benefit of the process by max interval training is building the endurance and which will beat fatigue.

Comparison of Turbo Fire Vs Insanity

If compare the Turbo fire VS insanity, you can choose one of the two that suits with your fitness goals. If you want to burn thousands of calories, the insanity workout is best suited for you. it is because you can get it in only 2 months, and it is direct in its brutal approach. So, the method of insanity will push you harder than Turbo Fire.

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It is included by the mixing cardio, ply metrics, sport drills and also calisthenics. The Turbo Fire is also good to burn calories. The process is setting it up like a cardio class, high energy music and much more focused on kickboxing or cardio. It is very suited for those who love to punch, kick and give high knees a go. You may enjoy it with the Turbo Fire workout.

The comparison of turbo fire VS insanity in equipment usage is that the insanity does not need any equipment. The Turbo Fire needs resistance bands which come in a box set. You can also use the mat to work out on.

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