Insanity Workout Vegan Diet – The Alternative Meal Plan for Vegetarians

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Insanity Workout Vegan Diet

insanity dietPeople want to be healthy, so they need a diet plan and to exercise. The combination of them can give you some great advantages for your body. There is still plenty of people who think that they can ignore it. Actually, it can determine your condition for the future. Now, there are many young people have been faced with the diabetes and cholesterol. It can cause of the bad habit such as eat junk food and rare to exercise. To get a healthy body is very simple; you only need to be smart in eating and do some exercise.

If you think that exercise can only be done at the gym, you are wrong. It is because you can do an exercise anywhere which includes the home. Now, there is Beachbody workout. They specialty provides home workout DVDs for fitness, build the muscle and weight loss.

To get fit can be done at home by using the P90X, Insanity, TurboFire and other type of Beachbody product. It is very effective for the lose weight by burn calories. You also do not require much time to get good body form. The Beachbody workout is an intense and fast program which was developed by a professional trainer.

The workout of Beachbody is not only about doing exercise but also managing your diet. However, the perfect result can be reached by the complete action. So, the products on Beachbody such as the Insanity workout provides other items to support the workout program.

The diet plan or food guide of Insanity workout also works in your are vegan. So, if you are a vegan, you can still be doing an Insanity exercise with the vegan diet plan. The other post items of Insanity workout such as a workout calendar, workout guide, the elite food plan and online support.

The insanity workout vegan diet offers plenty of meat free meal ideas for vegetarians. The vegan plan does contain the eggs and dairy products. You will need to customize it for further to adapt to your needs. The diet can help build the muscle, provides energy and offer the ideas of meal to supply the essential nutrients.

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Vegetarian Meal Plan

The insanity workout vegan diet plan provides meal ideas for breakfast, brunch, late brunch, pre dinner snack and dinner.

a. Breakfast: shakeology with 1 Tbsp almond butter, a banana, almond milk and ice. Cereal bowl with almond milk, flax seed and a banana.

b. Brunch: cereal bowl like oatmeal or yoghurt bowl and vegetable sandwich.

c. Lunch: black bean soup, wheat pasta with vegetable and veggie burger

d. Pre-dinner snack: Insanity special sandwich with nut butter and jelly or vegetarian chili.

e. Dinner: brown rice bowl (fake chicken for vegetarians)


The vegetarians avoid  meat for protein; actually you can substitute it with the other vegetarian style. The 1 oz chicken or turkey breast can be substitute with 1 oz tofu, an egg or 3 eggs white, a veggie burger, 1/4c beans. The 1 oz red meat can be substitute with 1.5 oz tofu, an egg, veggie burger, 1 serving of Quorn product and 1/3 cup of beans.

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