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For anyone that is a baseball fan or loves watching, you will be familiar with Bartolo Colon which is best known as a Dominican professional baseball pitcher for the Oakland Athletics and for you who are saying that you are his fans, you must also know that in his early life he grew up in a home without electricity, running water or indoor plumbing in the town of Altamira in the Dominican Republic and the major charity work is done for his old community. Well, out of the early life of Bartolo Colon, as an athlete, you might want to know about his weight and height. Today, we are going to know more about Bartolo Colon weight and his career.

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Before getting to know about Bartolo Colon weight, his career and life is also needed to be known as it is started with the Cleveland Indians that signed Colon as a free agent in 1993 and he was considered as a prospect from the Dominican Republic. Then, in 1995, Kinston of the Single-A Carolina League was pitched for and second in wins with 13 and ERA with 1.96 was finished by him and the circuit was led with 152 strikeouts. Therefore, the league’s Pitcher of the Year came to him added with the Indians’ 1995 Minor League Player of the Year that the “Lou Boundreau” Award was received by him.

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Moreover, Triple-A ball with the Buffalo Bisons in 1997 was played by him and he became the only player in history that was a no-hitter thrown in Dunn Tire Park and after that, his major league debut was made at the Anaheim Angels on April 4, 1997 and no decision was received by him. The modern-day MLB record was set by him in the following year so the most pitches in a singe at bat on June 28, 1998 could be thrown against Ricky Gutierrez. It was surprising again that a one-hitter against the New York Yankees could be tossed by him on September 18, 2000.

A career high 98 walks were also posted by him at the time but in 2002, he was worked for Montreal Expos, then before the 2003 season, he played for Chicago White Sox and after that, Anaheim Angels signed him in 2004. When it was in 2005 season, he was named as the first Angels pitcher that the Cy Young Award could be won since Dean Chance in 1964. Additionally, much of the 2006 season was spent on the DL with soreness or inflammation in his right shoulder due to a partially torn rotator cuff that was received by him in a playoff game against the Yankees in 2005.

Knowing Bartolo Colon Weight

There were still some of the clubs that signed Bartolo Colon after the hard years he experienced and when talking about his pitch, it is said that four pitches were thrown by colon and the excellent speed was owned by home on his four-seam fastball even though Bartolo Colon weight was not said as the ideal one. Nearly 90% of Colon’s pitches were made by the combination pitches but a changeup was also thrown by him to left-handed hitters and a slider. So, these were his career.

For you who want to know more about the recent Bartolo Colon weight, it has been said that his weight is 264.6 lbs or 120 kg that was not ideal for the athlete like him. However, do not judge a book by its cover. You can just see how he play and you will be surprised.

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