Tris Molecular Weight and Its Significance

Every chemical compound has their own molecular weight which is derived from calculating the average atomic weights of all the elements that the compound contains. You can calculate the average of all the isotopes of the elements to come up with the average atomic weight. When you try combine more than a single element together in a chemical compound, then you will have a molecule. In other words, adding all of the atomic weights in the elements will lead you to a molecular weight of the molecule.

Let us take a certain chemical compound for example. H2O would be the chemical formula for water. If we have a closer look at the chemical compound, you will see that water has a pair of hydrogen atoms and a single oxygen atom. In order to come up with the molecular weight of water, the hydrogen’s atomic should be multiplied by two and the atomic weight of oxygen by one. That would be a brief explanation about the molecular weight of a molecule and a chemical compound.

tris base molecular weight

Tris base molecular weight

Let us take a further step by discussing more about the molecular weight of a certain chemical compound and its significance to our life. This article would try to share more information about Tris molecular weight. So, keep on reading the rest of this article and who knows that you may find something useful in return.



Tris would be the abbreviation for tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane and the chemical formula for this organic compound would be (HOCH2)3CNH2. Some of you might also know this compound as THAM as the common acronym. We have been using this element id molecular biology and biochemistry for many years very extensively. Tris is also known as a primary amine, and that what makes this chemical compounds perform the reactions that typical amines has when it comes to condensations with aldehydes. In the field of biochemistry, we use Tris as a component for making buffer solutions. The most common buffer solutions that involve this chemical compound would be TBE and TAE buffer. Tris is highly required to make some special solutions such as nucleic acids.

tris base molecular weight

tris base molecular weight

The molecular weight of Tris would be 121.14 and there is more to discuss in this article in addition to its molecular weight. So, keep on reading. Tris would be found in a form of white crystalline powder. The white color of Tris is considered as clear and colorless by many chemical experts. For the use of Tris for industrial purpose, this chemical compound takes two processes. The intermediate of (HOCH2)3CNO2 will give us nitromethane.

Tris hcl molecular weight

Tris hcl molecular weight

Then the reduction of the intermediate formula will lead us to Tris. For those biology or chemistry fans, Tris has to be one of the most popular chemical compound for the use of Tris in the biology or biochemistry laboratory is very common these days. There are many other benefits that come from this colorless chemical compound. We need Tris to increase the membrane permeability of cell membranes. We also use Tris as a primary standard to set the bar for making acid solutions.

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