The Dangers of Low Carb Diets

Most diet programs or plans require you to eat low carb foods and high protein foods.  Because weight gain generally happens by consuming high carb foods.  But have ever heard or know about the dangers of low carb diets before?

Before you start a low carb diet, make sure you know about the dangers of low carb diets. As you health will automatically impacted by this kind of diet.

Dangers of Low Carb Diets Info

What are the dangers of low carb diets?

When carbohydrate intake is restricted, your healthy stores of glycogen in the muscles and liver will start to deplete to be converted to energy.  You might find fatigue and dehydration will be the result.

Additionally, you might find muscle loss and a lowered metabolic rate as a result of glycogen depletion.  As the metabolism usually occurs in the muscle and your cells will also be turned into fat magnets which are ten times more active to shuttle fat into cells.

One of the dangers of low carb diets that should be expected is fast weight loss.  Of course that’s what you are expecting. However, a yo-yo diet syndrome is usually the result of this kind of fast diet.

Dangers of Low Carb Diets List

What happens on a low carb diet ?

When a radical low-carb plan is done by you.  Carbohydrates in your diet are automatically reduced or eliminated, you will experience rapid weight loss,

The other one of the dangers of low carb diets is that you might not start healthy habits for the future.  Whatever weight lost you rapidly experiences can be return just as quick. It means that your weight can be gained as rapid as the weight lost by you before.

Moreover, with limiting fruits, vegetables or grains which is generally included in low-carb diet plans.  Vital nutrients like vitamin C that will help you in the absorption of iron and other components like fiber in the daily diet are restricted as well

When these foods are completely eliminated, lack of nutrients that you experience can cause some health problems, due to vitamin deficiencies.  These types of problems are definitely a huge part of dangers of low carb diets that you can expect.

Knowing dangers of low carb siets

Health problems that you might expect

One of the health problems that you might expect.  Is digestive problems, as you will be naturally lacking fiber in the diet because breads, grains and fiber-rich vegetables are reduced and eliminated by low-carb diets.

Constipation is a concrete problem ( Pun intended) that can be anticipated. We always recommend seeking medical advice first before doing any type of low-carb diet.

Problems like dehydration can be prevented by adequate liquid intake.  The constipation problem can be prevented by taking a fiber supplementation.

Take the time to think twice before doing this type of extreme diet. The dangers of low carb diets needed to be considered to prevent any harmful things happening to your health.

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