How did Rachel Ray Lose Weight

The name of Rachel Ray has been very popular for years ago in culinary world. She is known as a female celebrity chef who is bubbly and also brave. Recently, people are shocked because of her weight loss news. Since then people started wondering how did Rachel Ray lose weight? She has never shied away from personal questions, including the questions regarding her weight loss. Do you want to know the secret of Rachel Ray weight loss? You can read further to find out about it.

Chef Rachel Ray was known for her curvy and cute figure la ong time ago but now she is known to be a sexy female celebrity chef. She herself also seems to be very happy and proud of her body shape that she has never failed to make people awed at her sexy and gorgeous appearances on TV and live shows. Of course, it is not an easy task to maintain an ideal body weight when your jobs make you cook all the time and taste the food as well.

It is said that Rachel Ray has up to five jobs a day that require her to always taste food.  Nevertheless that is why, it became a very shocking news to find a new shaped Rachel Ray remembering her job as a professional celebrity chef. However, this situation proves that even though the situation around you seems to not support you achieve something but you can actually still achieve it with a strong will and determination, just like Rachel Ray did.

How Did Rachael Ray Lose Weight

How Did Rachael Ray Lose Weight

Okay, now we are going to get to the main secret on how did Rachel Ray lose weight rapidly. Rachel Ray said that she has never wanted to sacrifice her passion for cooking and also tasting foods just for getting a sexy body. It means that unhealthy crash diet does really not exist in her dictionary. She added that starving herself just to get ideal body shape is not her style. She prefers a healthy way and fun way to achieve her goal.

Regarding her weight loss, Rachel Ray said that she did not have special diet plan but a regular workout routine. She also added that actually the workout routine is not mainly meant for losing weight but more to be a way to get a healthy body, remembering her jobs that require her to taste various kinds of foods everyday. By doing workout routine regularly she believes that she can get a healthy body and also sexy body shape as well.

Rachael Ray Weight Lost.

Rachael Ray Weight Lost.

So, how did Rachel Ray lose weight very quickly? What exercise routine did she do? Rachel Ray said that she rarely goes to the gym for a fitness class. She prefers simple exercise like jogging and running. She admitted that she ran at least three miles a day, every morning. However, she also did elliptical training in a gym once in a while as well. On Sunday, she said that she wants to have a day off of jobs and also workout routine. She said that it is also important to refresh her mind so she can think clearly and has more energy to start the following week.

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  1. Texas001 says:

    I am looking at Racheal Ray right now and I see no weight loss!

  2. Michael says:

    Email me when she loses some weight..That girl is getting there…
    Send her to me in a couple months..I like them Large..

  3. Barry Billings says:

    I constantly get emails about Rachel Rays weight loss plan. Ultra trim 350 Forskolin.I googled her weight loss plan and this product was not mentioned. I’ve been scammed again.

  4. There is nothing better then a healthy diet and exercise lifestyle plan.

  5. Kim says:

    Wow! Just watching Rachel and she has packed on the pounds! Even in black pants, she is big!

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