Can You Exercise on the HCG Diet

HCG diet is no longer a strange method of losing weight.  Its become very popular in modern times.  What is HCG diet actually? The great thing is it does not use the starving method, like plenty of diets out there? Can you exercise on the HCG diet as well?

We are going to try to answer all of these questions through the discussion in this post.

So, if you are curious and interested in getting to know this topic further then it is highly suggested for you to keep reading to find out the answers.

HCG and Exercising On Diet

What is HCG Diet?

HCH stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone that is actually found in both women and men.

However, this hormone is actually known as a pregnancy hormone.  Which is only secreted when a woman is pregnant and used to control her metabolism. Usually, this hormone is produced by the placenta.

Nowadays there are a lot of ways to give your body HCG without even getting pregnant first. you can have HCG injections or oral medications.

Can you exercise on the HCG diet?

Of course, before we go to the answer to this question we need to get to know about the HCG diet first.

HCG diet is actually a diet that uses a small portion of HCG to lose weight.

So how does the HCG actually reduce weight? As we have already discussed previously, this hormone is used to increase the metabolism rate when a person is pregnant. In the theory of diet, if you want to burn calories quickly then you need to increase your metabolism as well.

Therefore, it is highly believed that by consuming HCG then the metabolism in our body will be triggered and the calories burned will also be greater.  Which results in a quick weight loss.

Can I Exercise with HCG

It’s not that simple

However, actually, the HCG diet is not as simple as consuming HCG then you will lose weight immediately.

In fact, you still need to undergo a strict low calories diet of five hundred calories intake per day.

This is also very important since you have to limit the calories intake while your body burns the existing fat in your body. If you still consume a high rate of calories each day then the HCG shot will not be as effective as it should be.

Say you consume five hundred calories a day then the metabolism will use the energy from the existing calories in your fats resulting in significant weight loss. This way you will definitely be able to lose significant weight and also quickly.

Exercising with calorie control

So, can you exercise on the HCG diet while only consuming five hundred calories a day?

Of course, we cannot simply decide on a “yes” or a “no”.  As it is highly dependent on your body type.

Some people can still be very strong just by consuming five hundred calories per day. On the other hand, some people will feel weak and get tired easily.

It means that it will be fine for those who are naturally strong to also add a workout routine or exercise during their HCG diet.  It’s not such a wise decision for those who have a weak body.

In order to find out whether or not it is okay to exercise.  You better consult your doctor for a more accurate examination.  Here are some more things you should know about the HCG diet.

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