Pea Soup Recipe With Ham Bone – A Delicious Diet

Whenever you look for a meal that contain less calories yet, will give you a comfortable full sensation.  Pea soup is one of those soups that should come to mind. If we are talking about a weight loss program, this soup gives you a more positive effect than the cabbage soup diet. Pea soup recipe with ham bone, for example, could be very beneficial to support your weight loss program as this type of food can help you decrease your calorie intake.  As  well as meeting your dietary need.

pea soup recipe with ham bone slow cooker

Pea soup recipe with ham bone slow cooker

Pea soup recipe with ham bone and how it can help

Michigan State University has released some interesting information about pea soup.  They mention that there are 190 calories contained in one and a half bowls of pea soup. The report from the  university also states that you are consuming 13 g of protein every time you eat pea soup.

It covers up to 23 percent of the total proteins required by a man’s body and 30 percent of a female’s protein requirement.

Despite the fact that pea soup contains fats as well, you need to be fully aware that our system still needs some kind of healthy fats to maintain a healthy state. The peas soup recipe includes olive oil and nuts, and this is where the fats come from in pea soup. As it was mentioned before, having a pea soup in your weight loss diet plan will be helpful as it contain plenty of fiber.

recipe for split pea soup with ham bone

Recipe for split pea soup with ham bone

How much fiber in pea soup

The 13 g of fiber inside pea soup will support your weight loss effort as it will fight the hungry feeling. Once you consume a cup of pea soup, you will feel full for quite a while. 70 percent of your vitamin A requirement and 10 percent of your iron requirement could be covered by consuming one and a half cups of pea soup.

A cup of pea soup contains calcium and vitamin C as well. Not only is it a an effective menu item for your weight loss program.  Pea soup with ham bone is certainly a delicious alternative.

Changing your diet

No one can stand the same type of food after a period of time. For example, nobody on the planet likes having the same food for their breakfast, lunch and dinner. We need variety of foods we consume so that we can motivate ourselves to stick to a diet.  Fortunately, pea soup comes with many varieties. One of the most popular one would be the pea soup recipe with ham bone.

Yellow pea soup recipe with ham bone

Yellow pea soup recipe with ham bone

If you happen to live in a region that has cold and snowy winters in each year like New England.  You probably been familiar with pea and ham soup recipe to help you get through the freezing winter.

This recipe has been everyone’s favorite in New England since it is really easy to prepare. This should be a delicious way to make use of the leftover ham bone from your baked ham dinner.  Pea soup with ham bone is really popular, simple to make and a great way to loose weight.

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