Try a Low Protein Diet for Kidney Disease

Your health is supper important and very expensive if something goes wrong.  So most people try to keep their health on track.  Because when diseases like kidney disease hits you, you could pay a high cost for finding  a cure.  With a low protein diet for kidney disease which can help you manage the condition


What is kidney disease?

Your kidney may not be functioning properly by making waste products from foods consumed.  Disease can be caused by kidney failure, also it be the result of a serious illness like anemia, weak bones, heart disease and diabetes.

Low protein diet for Kidney Disease

Your intake of protein should be limited as a part of the treatment program, which is important so your condition can be managed and improved.

A functioning kidney, produces waste products when protein is digested.  The kidney should filter waste products.  Blood urea nitrogen is a medical test, which during digestion measures the amount of urea nitrogen found in blood.  If these substances build up in the blood if there is a problem with your kidney.

What happens with a failing kidney

When waste products accumulate in the bloodstream you will feel sick, loss of appetite and fatigue.  The National Kidney Foundation is a great resource for kidney disease sufferers.  If you cannot treat it quickly and properly.  As a serious it may end up in death.

You can do a kidney function test called a GFR or glomerular filtration rate.  Which be done by your doctor has been recommended by the National Kidney Disease Education Program if you are experiencing problems with your kidney.  We recommend doing a test like that before doing a low protein diet for kidney disease.

Testing for kidney failure

It helps to determine your level of kidney function in  general.  With your doctor being away about the potential stage of kidney disease. Blood Urea Nitrogen or BUN test is included in the part of this test.  So the level of protein in your blood can be checked.

You may have kidney disease if the BUN levels are high on more than one test. Do this test first before doing a low protein diet for kidney disease, as well you need advice from your doctor.


low protein diet for kidney disease

Giving your kidney a break

You kidneys get a break when your protein intake is limited.  They should not work as hard so the food you consume can be filtered.  The University of Maryland Medical Center has found that  a diet low in protein can help prevent kidney disease.

Moreover, fluid, potassium, and sodium intake should also be reduced to manage your condition fully.

If you have kidney disease along with diabetes.  Start restricting your carbohydrate consumption as well.  If you have mild kidney disease, eating too much protein will cause the disease to  worsen. Following a low protein diet for kidney disease will certainly help you.

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