Induction Phase of Atkins Diet

With so many diet programs and rules that you have to follow.  Usually, the different diet programs that you find.  Will require you to avoid any carb and high calories foods just like the Atkins diet program.

This suggests that you eat low-carbohydrate foods so your weight can be lost easily and the cravings for sugar can also be helped to be got rid of.

Planning for the Induction Phase of Atkins Diet

However, before the Atkins diet program can be started.  The induction phase of the Atkins diet must be looked at by you.  So you can have some planning around the foods that can be enjoyed and are healthy.  For you can be determined from the beginning. Of course, this diet should be done after you see your doctor.

induction phase of Atkins diet

The four phases of Atkins

There are four phases of the Atkins diet and induction, ongoing weight loss, pre-maintenance, and lifetime maintenance are included.  The biggest goals during the induction are when the weight is lost and your metabolism is changed from burning dietary carbohydrates to burning stored body fat.

You can lose up to 15 pounds during the first two weeks of induction has been claimed by Atkins. After the induction phase of Atkins diet in two weeks, the next phase can be done by you.

Perhaps, when the other diet programs are done by you, the calories must be counted so the best result of the diet can be achieved, but the calories do not need to be counted if the Atkins diet is followed by you and your intake of net carbs must be counted instead.

The intake of net carbs here means that the grams of carbohydrates that your blood sugar levels are impacted must be known and counted by you. In the induction phase of the Atkins diet, your fat must be started to be burnt instead of carbohydrates for energy, and your limit during induction is said around only twenty grams net carbs.

atkins diet

Planning your meals

Well, after you have successfully done with the induction phase of the Atkins diet, your next phases must also be able to be followed well and three to five meals should be eaten and more than six waking hours without eating should not be done by you.

Poultry, meat, and eggs are included in the high-protein foods that must be prepared by you and it must be at least four ounces of high-protein foods with some fat like the skin of your chicken or added oils in cooking. At least eight cups of carbohydrate-free beverages should also be drunk.

Do not forget that a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement.  Along with an omega-3 supplement are also needed to be taken during your Atkins diet.

  • Pork
  • beef
  • chicken
  • shrimp
  • fish
  • and egg

Are all included in the carbohydrate-free protein sources that are emphasized by the induction stage of this diet.

Sugar-free mayonnaise, safflower oil, sunflower oil, butter, olive, and canola oils are also included in the free carbohydrates that can be consumed by you. Well, the label must always be read so that more carbohydrates are not eaten by you can be made sure as well.

Although meats can still be eaten by you, the portion has been made and it should be followed. Have a nice try in doing the diet and keep your body healthy. Finish your induction phase of the Atkins diet well and the next phases can be done then.

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