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The name of Seane Corn is probably not familiar for some of you. It is too bad because if you are worried about the rising obesity problem then you need to start getting to know her better from now on. She is actually very well known as the first person to introduce the Seane Corn diet program.

This diet introduced by Seane Corn is not only effective to make you lose weight but it will also bring you to a healthier life. You can read this article further if you really want to find out the diet plan introduced by Seane Corn. Curious about what she offers for us? Let’s check it out:

Seane Corn Eyebrow

Seane Corn Eyebrow

The foremost main point you need to know about the Seane Corn diet is that it is all about yoga and also her healthy habits that resulted in a healthy and beautiful body. She is indeed a yoga expert but it does not mean that her healthy habit is not involved in creating her successful story.

If you are questioned about which one you will drink in the early morning after you just woke up, a cup of tea or a cup of coffee? If the answer is coffee then you are in risk of unhealthy life. The healthy choice you were supposed to make is a cup of tea.  Seane Corn stated that one of her cornerstone healthy habit is to take a cup of Fortune Delight tea in each early morning.

Detox Yoga Flow

Detox Yoga Flow

What is Fortune Delight tea? Fortune Delight tea is one of healthy drink popularized by Seane Corn. It contains various healthy ingredients such as cinnamon, ylang ylang, chrysanthemum, and also lemon.

This mixture of herbs will definitely create pleasant a effect to your stomach in early morning.  In the Seane Corn diet plan, she suggested that you take this Fortune Delight with agave and soy milk. She added that she has done this routine for more than fourteen years already and you can see the result on your own.

Yoga for a Broken Heart

Yoga for a Broken Heart

In addition, she also said that she completely avoids processed and canned foods. She also added that she mostly cooks the meals by herself so she can control it on her own. Furthermore, she also suggested that you can always favor raw foods because it will give you a lot of advantages during the diet. One thing that is very favorable, she said, is lunch time. You can have the biggest meal for lunch because this will be the time for you to recharge your energy.

Seane Corn Twitter

Seane Corn Twitter

Aside from the healthy organic foods you have to start consuming, another important addition in Seane Corn diet you should not leave out is the yoga time. With yoga you can relax yourself and refresh your mind. It will not also help you to keep yourself inspired and motivated to get through your diet but it will also make your aura shines out and also create a brighter personality. It is not a secret no more that undergoing a diet can be stressful and difficult so you need to motivate yourself and throw away all negative influences by doing yoga regularly like Seane Corn.

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