3 tips to Help You Lose Weight

Use Water to Burn Fat

Water is an amazing thing, and is really under rated as a EXERCISE TOOL. Simply holding a bottle of water when you go for a run can help to shift extra kilos. But you need to make sure there’s ice in the H2O; room-temperature won’t work.

Running with water

Running with water

A study at Stanford university made the surprising discovery by examining overweight women who overheated during exercise. They found that holding a bottle of cold water helped them to maintain a low core temperature, increasing endurance. Ultimately, this meant that they ran faster – and burned more fat – than subjects who weren’t given cool bottles to hold.

As high core temperature is a significant factor for reducing endurance in all athletes, there is no reason why you can’t use this trick to counteract it. Its effects will be especially noticeable on hot summer days.

Eat more chocolate to lose more kilos

If you trying to shrink your gut, you might think buying small, individually wrapped chocolates such as Cadbury Celebrations would be a smart move. But several studies have found that you’ll actually eat more with these tiny treats because their mini-measure size fools us into forgetting about portion control. Next time you want to treat yourself, it’s best to opt for a small bar of your favourite, instead. Not a kilo slab of Dairy Milk, though.

Chocolate for exercising

Chocolate for exercising

The one word secrets to fat burning

Say “I don’t eat pies” rather than “I can’t eat pies” and you’ll be eight times more likely to resist them. Scientist at the universities of Houston and Boston proved this by trying to tempt 120 subject with food cover over a 10 day period. The study authors explain that saying “I don’t .,…….” gave participants ‘ownership’ of the idea, where as “I can’t….” suggested something beyond the subject’s control was responsible for their actions . When we feel empowered, we’re more likely to stick with an idea.

Just say no to Meat Pies

Just say no to Meat Pies



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