List Of High Protein Foods For Weight Loss

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Losing weight is actually not a complicated task to do. You just need a great weight loss plan and also strong will and discipline. One of the most popular weight loss or diet plans that have been widely used by a lot of people out there is the high protein diet. Usually, this type of diet will strictly limit the consumption of carbohydrates and fibre but it will allow you to consume foods with high protein instead. If you want to get to know the list of high protein foods for weight loss then you can continue reading this post because today we are going to talk about it deeply.

Complete List of Protein Foods

Complete List of Protein Foods

Why Protein?

There are a lot of people wondering why we should eat foods with high protein and highly restrict fibre, carbohydrates and any other types of foods. It is actually simple; because protein will help your body increase the metabolism rate. How come? Protein contains amino acids that will be very significant in helping you burn fats and calories without putting you into hunger. Another great point of this weigh loss plan is that it is also safe for vegetarians since proteins do not only come from animal products but also plants as well.

List of Protein Drinks


The first occupant of the list of high protein foods for weight loss is egg. Egg is said to be one of food items that has the richest level of protein for about six grams each. If you want to lose weight quickly, you can consume eggs for a month straight. It is very easy and do not make you starve. A research in Michigan found that daily caloric intake of a person can be limited by eating eggs. It is also proved that those who have egg based breakfast tend to eat fewer calories for lunch. This means that eating eggs can really make you feel full for a longer time, hence, absolutely will be an advantage to your diet.

List of Protein Names


Tofu is also another food with high protein that will be a great addition for your diet plan. For those who are vegetarians can definitely opt for this food since it is a soy based protein. According to research, four oz tofu contains more than nine grams of protein, absolutely greater compared to animal based protein sources. In addition, per serving of tofu only contains about eighty six calories so it will definitely be a great choice for diet. You can mix tofu with olive oil to make healthy salad dressing. As an alternative, you can also make a marinated tofu block by combining it with soy sauce which is considered low sodium. Bake the tofu block for about twenty minutes in an oven with for hundred degree heat, then serve it for lunch.


Even though beef has often considered as bad food, however, this is also included in the list of high protein foods for weight loss you can also consider. It is said that per serving of one hundred grams of beef steak contains thirty grams of protein. According to a research in America, our muscle mass during diet can be retained by eating beef steak.

Quick Protein Foods

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