Things You Should Know About HCG Diet

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There are lots of different types of diets out there.  They are all meant to help the dieters deal with their obesity or lifestyle problems. There is one particular diet with unique characteristics called human chorionic gonadotropin diet (HCG Diet).

HCG Diet side effects

Everything you need to know about the HCG Diet

Some people know this diet as the HCG diet while some other people refer this weight loss program as the HGT diet. Regardless both names are representative of the diet plan that includes a peptide hormone. The hormone is normally produced by a woman in a pregnancy period.

Many health experts have been including the injections of HCG in the treatments for patients during a fertility therapy.

These days, a number of health experts have revealed that the use of HCG injections might be useful in supporting a weight loss program. Through reading the rest of this article will give more information about the HGT diet. So, keep on reading.

HCG Diet history and how it can help you

The HCG diet was initiated by a doctor from England named Albert Simeons.  In 1950, he revealed the potential use of HCG injections for supporting weight loss program for the first time. But the doctor had to wait until 1970 to witness the popularity that his invention had gained.

You cannot treat the HCG diet as some other diets. Despite that fact that the HCG injections could be self-administered as if you are taking the injections for diabetics, for the sake of your health as well as to avoid any harmful medical outcome, it is highly recommended that you visit a weight loss clinic that offers a number of experienced health professionals.

Beside through an injection, you can take human chorionis gonadotropin in some other forms such as oral supplements and HCG drops. However, the oral supplements of pure HCG can only be provided with a prescription from your doctor. You do not need a prescription whatsoever in order to purchase the HCG drops.

HCG Diet recipes

HCG Drops and injections

An HCG diet includes the HCG injections within 30 days. Within that time frame, the dieters are only allowed to consume several types of foods such as vegetables, fresh fruits, chicken and fish. In one day, the dieters should never exceed 500 calories.

Once you are through with a HCG diet, you cannot instantly go back to your previous eating habits. There is a maintenance plan that you should carefully follow for six week time in order to sustain the weight loss result.

In the later stage of this diet plan, your calorie intake should be increased up to 1,500 calories a day. However, the types of foods you can consume remain the same.

HCG drops

The problem with the HCG diet would be the restricted calorie intake during the time frame.  Many experts point out that in order to meet the nutritional demand of our system, we certainly require more calories.

Some dieters have reported that the result of this diet is not really sustainable. This would be a common thing from a number of diet plans that promise a quick result. Nevertheless, a healthy eating habit, maintained and regular body workouts, and balanced diet would be the key to a successful and sustainable weight loss.

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