Full Body Cleanse at Home

A cleanse diet or also known as detox diet is actually very simple and easy to do at home. You don’t have to prepare any special tools or ingredients because you can easily get them from your kitchen or local grocery stores. In this post we are going to talk about doing a full body cleanse at home that is easy to do and simple to make. Check it out!

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Master Cleanse

A master cleanse is actually also called as a body cleanse that uses maple syrup and lemonade juice because you will only be allowed to consume juice which contains maple syrup and lemon. If you want to do this kind of diet then you need to prepare for fasting for at least ten days straight.

Therefore, you need to really have a great determination and strong discipline before undergoing this cleanse diet. Another basic point you need to also keep in mind is that when you are undergoing a cleanse diet you will constantly release toxins from your body hence do not be surprised that you will need to use bathroom more than you usually do.

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In order to do this type of full body cleanse at home you need to prepare one cup of laxative herbal tea at night to start the diet. Then, you need to prepare a glass of lukewarm plain water mixed with two teaspoons of uniodized salt in the morning.

Do not forget to also drink a mixture of twelve tablespoons of lemon juice and also maple syrup, the grade B ones, one teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and also sixty oz of plain water. Make sure to drink at least six glasses of the mixed drink for ten days ahead.

Apple Diet

The apple diet is also known as natural cleansing method you can easily do at home. Similar to the previous detox diet or body cleanse, this apple diet also requires you to eat apples and green vegetables only, no other food items are allowed.

Apple is considered as a fruit that is very perfect for diet since it does not contribute to dental woe, and it also has high nutritional values. You just need to eat apples and combine them with several green veggies for lunch and dinner time. This body cleanse is said to not only help you lose weight effectively but also rejuvenate your skin as well. As an alternative, you can substitute apple for cucumber or sugar if high blood pressure comes as a problem in this case.

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Detox Soup

Another full body cleanse at home you can try is detox soup. This is said as a wholesome way to detoxify your body and also fill it with more nutrients in the process. People said this body cleanse is better because you do not have to starve yourself just by drinking liquid foods only.

However, you still have to consume the detox soup only without anything else for ten to fourteen days straight. The detox soup contains carrots, tomatoes, cabbage’s heads, spring or filtered water, large green pepper, and also string beans. You can also pair the detox soup with fresh fruit or vegetables as a snack.

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