Victoria’s Secret Models Diet

Having an ideal body weight and sexy body shape like the models of Victoria’s Secret is definitely a dream for every woman in this world. Actually, this is not an impossible dream come true at all. You can take a peek at several tips of Victoria’s Secret models diet in this article so you will know how exactly they can maintain their amazing body shape and weight. Mostly the diet plans are simple and very basic. They said that the real secret is discipline and strong determination.

Miranda Kerr

Candice Victoria's Secret Model Diet

Candice Victoria’s Secret Model Diet

Among the models of Victoria’s Secret, Miranda Kerr is one of the most popular ones. This wife of handsome Hollywood actor, Orlando Bloom, said that the main secret of her sexy body is her workout routine. She also added that she normally does workout or do a training session for 3 to 4 times a week. If she has upcoming show or event, she will increase the schedule of her workout routine up to six times a week. Of course, she also controls her meals and sticks to healthy foods but it is not as tight as what people may think, she claimed.

Candice Swanepoel

Victoria's Secret Models Diet Plans

Victoria’s Secret Models Diet Plans

Candice Swanepoel is also another model who will give us Victoria’s Secret models diet tips today. Just like Miranda Kerr, she also has a supple body that screams sexiness every time she walks on a catwalk. Candice said that she also has year-round workout routine to stay healthy and sexy. She also claimed that her body has a really fast metabolism hence she does not need to workout as much as other people may do. It is really a gift according to her because she does not have to work out much to lose weigh. However, she said that she eats a lot of protein, mashed potatoes and steak to keep her healthy weight.

Lily Aldridge

Do Victoria's Secret Models Eat

Do Victoria’s Secret Models Eat

Who said that a mother who just gave birth to a baby cannot look sexy? Take a look at this model of Victoria’s Secret. Lily Aldridge can really prove that you can still have an awesome body shape even after giving birth. The secret of her body shape is vegetables and organic salmon. Indeed, she said that healthy diet is her only secret, no need to have crazy workout routines and strict diet to be back to her sexy shape.

Jessica Hart

Diet Victoria's Secret Models Use

Diet Victoria’s Secret Models Use

Each Victoria s Secret model has her strategy or secret to keep her body shape. How about the sexy blond Jessica Hart then? What Victoria s Secret models diet secret does she have to stay sexy? She said that it is very simple, really no need to overwork in exercises and strict diet. Jessica Hart loves drinking a lot of water and also fresh juices. She said that there is nothing better and more effective than healthy foods. Additionally, she also said that having enough sleep is also very crucial for beauty. By sleeping properly in healthy amount you can appear more glowing, charming and confident.

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