How Mirka Federer Weight is Maintained

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There are so many people out there wondering about Mirka Federer weight and how she maintains an ideal and healthy body shape even after she is married and gave birth to twins.

Mirka Federer is definitely an athlete who has been popular for a long time.  Her given birth name is actually Miroslava Vavrenic.   Mirka is her nickname and Federer is the surname of her very famous husband.

Mirka Federer 2011

Mirka Federer 2011

Who is she ?

If you are also an admirer of this beautiful athlete then you should read this post, because today we are going to talk about the life of Mirka Federer and how she maintains her weight with a very busy lifestyle

Mirka Federer Weight loss and maintenance

Miroslava Vavrinec was born on 1 April 1978 in Slovakia.  People have known her as a professional tennis athlete with the name Mirka Federer. Federer itself is actually not her own family name but her husband’s, Roger Federer, who is also a professional tennis athlete.

At two year’s of  age, Mirka Federer moved from Slovakia to Switzerland and spent her younger days in the country. She found an interest in tennis after her father took her to watch a tennis match in Filderstadt, Germany, when she was just nine year old.

Since that moment, she wanted to be a professional tennis player and has became a successful tennis athlete.  Realizing her childhood dreams, she became a world class athlete.

According to the public data, Mirka Federer weight is about one hundred and thirty pounds with 5 feet and eight inches height. Even though she has two daughters already she maintains her ideal body shape.

Roger Federer Girlfriend

Roger Federer Girlfriend

How does Mirka Federer maintain her weight

Of course, it is not a hard task to do for this former tennis player because she has already been accustomed to a healthy lifestyle. Obviously she has a healthy diet and also a regular workout routine.

Indeed, her life long tennis exercise routine is also another reason why she has been able to maintain her healthy body weight. Funnily enough she met Roger Federer because of a tennis tournament in 2002’s Hopman Cup where she had to pair up with him.

The career of Mirka Federer actually begun after she met Martina Navratilova, a senior in professional tennis player circle. She got her first tennis lesson after she received a racket as a gift from Martina Navratilova.

Martina at the time believed that Mirka could be a great tennis star in the future.  Martina when onto arrange tennis lessons for Mirka on her own.

Roger Federer Wife

Roger Federer Wife

Mirka Federer future is bright

And she was right about this because Mirka went onto be successful in the sport. Mirka built a successful tennis career, but also a career aroudn here family as well. Her meeting with male tennis player, Roger Federer, ended with a beautiful marriage on 11 April 2009.

Of course, Mirka Federer weight and personal information is not the only thing about this former tennis player we can talk about. Mirka has achieved a lot of since her first debut as a tennis player.

Mirka Federer weight loss

Mirka Federer weight loss

In 2001, this professional tennis athlete successfully won the award of the best Grand Slam in the US Open. Unfortunately after such a great win and a long successful career.  She has to forced into early retirement in 2002 because of a foot injury.

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