Optimal Weight For Height And Age

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There are actually a lot of people who have no idea the knowing about the optimal weight for height and age is actually very simple and already very well known among society. This knowledge is pretty important especially for those who want to keep an ideal body shape and proportional body weight, even when they grow older. If you want to also know how to determine your optimal weight based on your age and height then it is highly suggested for you to read this article further.

Ideal Weight Chart by Age

Ideal Weight Chart by Age

This article will give you the the information you need on how to calculate optimal body weight based on age and also body height. It is going to be elaborated in detail so you will not meet any difficulties in calculating your own optimal weight.

Calculate Ideal Weight by Age

Calculate Ideal Weight by Age

So Why do we need to use our age and height to determine our ideal weight? It is already been confirmed that height and age are two most significant factors that determine the ideal weight of a person. There are definitely a lot of ways you can do to determine your ideal weight. One of those ways is a way used by the CDC. CDC, or also known as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stated that you can find your ideal body weight using your BMI. What is BMI? BMI stands for Body Mass Index. You can use your BMI to find your healthy weight. We will show you the way, you just need to prepare your calculator, get your internet access, and find a comfortable position.

Ideal Weight Age and Height

Ideal Weight Age and Height

Using The Calculator

One way to assess the optimal weight for height and age you can do is by using a calculator. This is a simple way to find your healthy weight without using the internet. First of all, you need to know your height first. You can either measure your own height using a tape measure or ask for help from someone else. Afterwards, you need to determine the lower end of the range of your optimal weight first. You need to multiply your body height in inches by 0.02632. You need to also multiply your height in inches by the result again to find the low end of the ideal weight. As for the high end of the range, you need to multiply your body height in inches by 0.03542 instead of 0.02632 with the same equation.

Using the Internet

Another way to find the optimal weight for height and age is by using the advanced technology of the internet. There are a lot of web sites that can help you get the ideal weight by age and height. One of those web sites is the WebMD. This web site has a BMI calculator that can asses your ideal weight. You will be required to provide your age, height and also gender. Afterwards, you can simply click the Healthy Weight tab to get your optimal body height. You can also find out your calories number you can consume everyday to maintain an ideal and healthy weight.

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