Kidney Cleanse At Home

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Every human being normally has a pair of kidneys that have important role as a filter in our body. However, there are a lot of factors that can potentially cause our kidneys to form stones that will definitely disturb our health. Therefore, you need to regularly cleanse your kidney so you can prevent this unfortunate occurrence to happen. In this post we have already prepared several suggestions how to do a kidney cleanse at home that will be very effective to help you get healthier kidneys. The ingredients are easy to get so it will absolutely not give you any troubles in the future.


Kidney Stone Flush Home Remedy

Kidney Stone Flush Home Remedy

Watermelon is said to be an effective remedy for cleansing kidney you can easily find out there. According to research, kidney stones can be dissolved by consuming watermelon. That is why, watermelon has widely recommended for a simple kidney cleanse option. Watermelon is a fruit that contains high water, therefore, it can effectively cleanse your kidney. You can try eating a large watermelon a day, as much as possible, without consuming any other foods. You need to also empty your bladder as much as possible as well by consuming enough distilled water. However, you need to keep in mind that this kidney cleanse plan is not recommended for a person with diabetes because it can make your diabetes worse.


Kidney Flush Home Remedy

Kidney Flush Home Remedy

Parsley is another option of kidney cleanse at home that will be very easy to get. Similar to watermelon, this vegetable is also said to be very effective to dissolve kidney stones because it is considered as a diuretic vegetable. There are a lot of ways you can do to cleanse your kidney using parsley. The first way is to brew the parsley into herbal tea with no sugar or sweetener, of course. First of all, the parsley needs to be washed thoroughly. Boil water in a pot then add the parsley for about five minutes. Another way is to add it to healthy recipe. You can try adding it to soup or pasta, with minimum seasoning.


Kidney Cleanse Home Remedy

Kidney Cleanse Home Remedy

Aside from parsley and watermelon, plain water can also be used for kidney cleanse. This remedy is the simplest yet also very effective since liquid is very crucial for cleansing kidney. The system of our body can be easily flushed by excessive amount of water. Therefore, if you want a simple way of kidney cleanse then you can try this option. You need to drink at least one hundred and twenty oz of water a day then empty your bladder as much as possible so your kidney can be perfectly flushed.

Calcium Citrate

Natural Kidney Cleanse

Natural Kidney Cleanse

Calcium Citrate is also another example of kidney cleanse at home that is worth trying. Actually, this is more known as a prevention action since calcium citrate is effective in preventing kidney stones to form. How come? Kidney stones are formed with the help of calcium. When you consume calcium citrate, the calcium in your urine will be bind by it so it will decrease the potential of kidney stones to form. This is really a very effective way to prevent this disease.

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