The Chinese Water Dragon Diet to Keep Them Healthy

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More and more people are now accustomed to having one or two beautiful animals as their pets in their homes. From the numerous kinds of animals that you can take as your pets, a Chinese water dragon is one of the favourites. Most people would prefer this lovely reptile for its gorgeous look and their nice behaviour.

When it comes to having a pet that causes less problem to yourself, a Chinese water dragon would be a good choice. This reptile could be so entertaining to you and your family. You can see them changing their color every time they get scared or threatened.

Chinese Water Dragon Care Information

With a proper care, a Chinese water dragon is most unlikely to cause any harm to your children. The closest thing to that would be when they open their mouth the moment they are threatened. That does not look scary even to your children whatsoever. Once you decide to have a Chinese water dragon as your pet, you should be aware of the right diet to keep it healthy. You need to feed them with regular intervals instead of giving them food by the time they are already starving. Unlike some other pets, a Chinese water dragon does not require too much food every feeding time yet you need to be aware of the kind of food you are giving them.

Chinese Water Dragon Care Sheet

Insects would be the first one on the list of Chinese water dragon diet. They love insects so much since the tiny animals contain a lot of phosphorus which is important for the reptile. However, that does not meant that you should feed them with a large amount of insects. As stated earlier, Chinese water dragon do not eat too many food, furthermore insects feature hard exoskeleton that will cause some issue to the most reptiles since it is very hard to digest.

To help Chinese water dragons consume insects properly, you can add some vegetables on the insects diet or you can also give the reptile some calcium and vitamins before you give the insect menu. Do not waste your energy and time to find the insects on your own as they are now available in many pet stores. Unless you would like to have a cheaper option, you can try to breed the insects by yourself. That would certainly save your money.

Water Dragons

There is another relatively small animal that you can try to feed to your Chinese water dragon, the earthworms. This would be a nutritious food as well as bringing a happy feeling to your beautiful reptile. The Chinese water dragon will find no difficulty in digesting this soft animal. You can also feed you Chinese water dragon with fishes.

The most favorite fish would be gold fish. If you love your pet so much, do not even try to feed them with live prey as the fight between them could be very nasty. Your pet might end up with suffering some unwanted infections once they finish the fight. Feel free to browse the internet world to have a better information on how to take a good care of your Chinese water dragon.

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