Dr Sears Elimination Diet

Elimination DietAlong with the rapid development of technology in this world, there are also a lot of revolutionary innovations in all fields, including health and weight loss industry. A lot of people compete with each other to supply their customers various weight loss products and plans.   One of those products is called Dr Sears Elimination Diet plan, which is pretty popular these days.

This is actually not just a mere diet to get to get to a healthy weight but also to get a healthy body by eliminating allergy problems. This product is safe for both adults and children so you don’t need to worry. The name itself is taken from the promoter of this diet plan, Dr. William Sears, a pediatric specialist and child development expert.

Sensitivity and Food Allergy

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As it has been stated above, this elimination diet of Dr. Sears is mainly focused on sensitivity or food allergy as a reaction of the immune system in our body toward suspected substances contained in the foods. When the immune system recognizes harmful substances, it will immediately release antibodies to eliminate them. Meanwhile, the situation in which your body is not able to tolerate certain foods is usually called a food sensitivity. So, what is the difference between food allergy and food sensitivity? A food allergy is associated with the body’s immune system, meanwhile, food sensitivity is not. However, reactions caused are similar, such as eczema, upset stomach, migraine, hives and also rashes.


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The concept of Dr Sears Elimination Diet is to help you find out what food items that can cause you food allergy. In the beginning of the plan all potential foods that are suspected to cause the allergy should be eliminated. Afterwards, you will be introduced to various foods slowly during the diet so your body can adapt properly before it can finally accept them. If you take this elimination diet, you will be given a food journal that can be used to examine and correlate various symptoms that can possibly occur after you consume particular foods. This way you can really find what type of food allergies you have so you can find the solution immediately.

The Diet

The time you will require to take this elimination diet will be about a week to a month. First of all, you need to eliminate any consumption of dairy products, corn, soy, egg and also processes foods. You need to also avoid gluten products such as rye, pasta, oat, wheat and barley. Fortunately, you can still eat a lot of foods such as millet, rice cheese, buckwheat, spelt, potato, brown rice, chicken, fish and rice milk. You may also eat all types of vegetables and fruits. However, you need to avoid some of them, including cauliflower, green pepper, onion, cabbage and broccoli.

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After the beginning part of Dr Sears Elimination Diet above, you can start reintroducing the food items that have been eliminated previously, one at a time. For example, Dr Sears suggest you to start reintroducing foods that are considered safe and less allergic, such as salmon, carrot, grapes, avocado, and also peach. After this, you can start reintroducing foods that are considered as common cause of allergy, such as dairy, soy and nuts. This slow step will be very effective to let you know which foods you are allergic to.

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