Low Fiber Diet for A Colonoscopy

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When we have problems with our downstairs plumbing, it’s important to visit a doctor.  They might recommend a colonoscopy.   Colonoscopies are important to examine our rectum and colon in case of abnormalities and any possible issues.

This kind of examination is able to detect tumors, polyps, inflamed tissues, and also ulcers.

To find out any symptoms of irregularities or abnormalities, the doctor inserts a flexible camera into your rectum. If the doctor finds polyps in your colon, then they will want to remove them straight away. However, you need to do a low fiber diet for a colonoscopy, before and after the examination so you will not trigger any potential risks, especially for those who have diabetes.

Colonoscopy Preparation

The diet before the procedure

The first type of diet you need to undergo is before you do the colonoscopy.  This type of diet is considered as a diet that is high in carbohydrates, protein, and also low fiber. Do not forget to always take your prescribed diabetes medication during the diet.

For breakfast, you can have yogurt, white bread and also eggs. With a low fiber diet, you need to avoid foods with high fiber, like cereal, oatmeal, and also meat for breakfast.

As for lunch, you can have a light meal consisting of lean protein and carbohydrates such as pasta, white bread, seedless fruit and vegetable, skinless fish, or chicken. You are also allowed to drink coffee without cream, tea, water, sherbet, broth, and apple juice.  Its recommended that you totally avoid drinks with purple, blue, and red coloring since it can skew the result of the test.

In this kind of low fiber diet for a colonoscopy before the examination, it will be better for the appointment to be scheduled early so the distance between the time you take your diabetes medicine and the time of the examination will be closed as well.

With a post-diet, it is also recommended that every 2 hours you check your blood sugar level to make sure that there are no contradictions after the colonoscopy. This is very important so your doctor will be able to detect any issues immediately.

Low Fiber Diet for Colonoscopy

The Post Colonoscopy Diet

Aside from the pre-colonoscopy diet, you need to also take a diet after the examination. If you have to follow a strict diet before you undergo the colonoscopy.  You will find that the diet after the colonoscopy is not that strict.

The most important rule is that you have to completely avoid alcohol for the whole day after the colonoscopy. If you want to avoid an incident of low blood sugar.  Returning to your normal meal and taking diabetes medicines after the operation quickly will help.

In addition to the low fiber diet for colonoscopy before and after, there are several side effects that you might experience after the operation you need to be careful of. You may experience nausea or stomach discomfort after the colonoscopy. Your doctor may assign you to a different diet to help you cope with the new condition slowly. After the diet, you should be able to eat normally.

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