Normal Weight For 5′ 6″ Female

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It is widely known that there is a ideal weight range for a person depending on the person’s age and height.  Which means to find out your healthy weight then you can use your height to calculate it.  However, you need to also know that the ideal weight of both female and males will be different.  In this post you will find a lot of information about the normal weight for 5′ 6″ female specifically. The 5′ “6 number representing the average height of a female.

Why does the height matter ?

It means that the average height is about five feet and six inches. Hopefully, the information provided in this post will be useful information that you can use to maintain your ideal weight in the future.

The low end of the ideal weight range

The ideal weight of a person is actually not an exact number or one weight only.  For normal weight for 5′ 6″ females its more like a range of ideal weight. As for a female at 5 feet and 6 inches height, there are various versions of the ideal weight.

The Rush University Medical Center once said that the low and high of the ideal weight range for a woman who was five feet and six inches height is one hundred and seventeen pounds or equal to fifty eight kilograms.

However, this low end of the normal weight for 5 6 female will vary, depending on the body frames of the person. For example, a woman who has a small body frame usually also has less body weight.

Average Weight for 5'6 Female

The high end of the ideal weight range

If the low end indicates the lower body weight that can be considered normal or ideal.  The high end of the range indicates the maximum weight that will still be considered normal or ideal.

The high end of normal weight for 5f 6′ female is around one hundred and forty three pounds. This average high end of normal weight range for women with five feet and 6 inches height is stated by the Rush University Medical Center as well.

However, of course this is not the absolute end of the ideal weight, it will also be depending on the bone structures of the female itself. Usually, those who have heavier and a longer bone structure will also weigh more.

Normal Weight for a Girl

The Bottom Line

Actually, it is not necessary for you to strictly stick to the stated average weight for women with your height. With any height and weight range is the bone structures and body frames of the female will highly determine the real normal weight range.  That will also make the variety of weight range acceptable.

As for the average range of normal weight for 5 6 female is from one hundred and seventeen pounds to one hundred and forty three pounds. However, it doesn’t matter how much you weigh, one thing you should try for is a healthy body.

Height and weight ratios are important buy use them as a guide.  You can do regular exercises and have nutritious diet to stay healthy.

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