How Long to Boil Cabbage to Preserve Its Precious Nutrition

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When it comes to the cruciferous vegetables, cabbage would be the most popular one. Not only that you will find no difficulty in purchasing it but also many people see cabbage as the king of the cruciferous vegetable family. If we try to compare it to some other cruciferous vegetable family members like collards, turnips, kale, rutabaga, cauliflower, broccoli, mustard greens and Brussels sprouts, cabbage is superior since it features innumerable varieties.

how long to boil cabbage for cabbage rolls

how long to boil cabbage for cabbage rolls

Cabbage brings many benefits to our system as this vegetable contains plenty of calcium, several kinds of vitamins like A, B6 and C, as well as potassium. While for the calorie content, a cup of cabbage may contain up to 30 calories in average. The excellent dietary content has been fully recognized throughout the world as the Food and Agriculture Organization have put cabbage on the list of the 20 most important vegetables to sustain the mankind population on the planet. In order to have all the benefit from this healthy vegetable, you should know exactly how to cook it.

An improper manner of cooking the vegetable will remove the healthy nutrition it contains. Regardless of the various cooking methods for cabbage, the nutritious content should never be reduced fully or partially so that your system will be able to take advantages of the cabbage.

how long to boil cabbage and potatoes

how long to boil cabbage and potatoes

These days, a number of studies have clearly shown that more nutrition are found in the cabbage that has been slightly cooked than in the raw cabbage. There are many kinds of cabbage throughout the world such as green cabbage, red cabbage, Chinese cabbage, etc. Each cabbage can be cooked differently for a better serving. You will be able to have the great taste of green and red cabbage through a slow and gentle braise. While a quick saute method would only be suitable for green cabbage. A combination of red cabbage and red cooking apples plus grilled chicken and grated nutmeg will sound perfect for a saute.

Another method of cooking cabbage would be using the microwave. You can add a little water to steam the cabbage in the microwave for about five minutes. Once the cabbage becomes soft, you can drain the water and you can serve the cabbage along with grated sage, a pat of butter, salt and pepper for a delicious taste. Regardless to the methods you use to cook the cabbage, the proper time should be allotted perfectly. You have to know exactly how long to boil the cabbage so that you can still get the benefits of the vegetable.

how long to boil cabbage wedges

Boiling would be one of the simplest method used for preparing cabbage. Be sure not to boil the cabbage for to long a period of time, otherwise the sulfurous compounds in the cabbage will be drawn out. If you do so, you will have a bitter tasting cabbage. Most cabbage types requires five to ten minutes of boiling process. That short period of time will give you the best of the cabbage. Do not forget to remove the tough inner core before you start the boiling procedure.

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