Beef Vegetable Soup Rachel Ray

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Today we want to talk about the famous beef vegetable soup Rachel Ray that is healthy, delicious and easy to make.  Cooking is definitely one of the most interesting things you can do at home.

If you can’t cook ?  Don’t worry because there are a lot of recipes from professional cooks out there you can use to learn and guide yourself, cooking whatever you like.

One of best cooks you often see on TV is Rachel Ray. Rachel Ray is very famous not only for her amazing recipes but for her healthy lifestyle as well.

beef vegetable soup Rachel Ray

Food Network Beef Soup

First step making beef vegetable soup Rachel Ray style

As with any recipe, the very first step making the beef vegetable soup of the famous Rachel Ray is to prepare the ingredients first.

The ingredients are pretty standard and can be easily found in supermarkets or traditional markets, so it will definitely not be difficult for you to find them all.

You need to prepare green cabbage, large onion, large sprigs thyme, medium turnip, medium carrots, baby spinach, and whole cloves.

Then you need to also prepare bone-in beef shank, cornichons, Dijon mustard, pepper and salt. You can buy the ingredients according to how many servings you want to cook the soup.  Keep in mind you can freeze whats left over.

Next step making beef vegetable soup

After you have prepared all the required ingredients, the next step making beef vegetable soup Rachel Ray style is to prepare them for cooking.  First of all, you need to wash the vegetables thoroughly to make sure that they are completely clean with no bacteria left.

Chop the baby spinach, shred the green cabbage, peel then slice the medium carrots, and peel then cut the medium turnip into bite size pieces.

The large onions do not need to be peeled so you just need to wash it clean and slice it. Prepare whole cloves, large sprigs thyme and also bone-in beef shank. The Dijon mustard and cornichons are for serving so you can put them aside for the time being.

Get ready to cook the soup

When all the ingredients are ready, next step is to prepare the pot. Add water and boil it over a medium heat. Afterwards, you can add the large sprigs thyme and the bone-in beef into the pot. Then add two teaspoons of salt for seasoning.

Prepare the cloves by sticking them into the onions then put them into the pot as well. Now set the heat lower so it will be perfect for simmering and skimming for about two and a half hours so the meat will perfectly tender.

Eggplant Stew Rachel Ray

Eggplant Stew Rachel Ray

After you make sure the beef is tender, you can put it in a large bowl. The cooking liquid can be strained on a heatproof bowl then put it into the pot right away. You then add the turnip, cabbage and also carrots then cook them for ten to twelve minutes over medium heat.

Meanwhile, you can shred the beef into pieces and discard the bones after it is cool. Afterwards, you can serve the beef and soup on a bowl and add the cornichons, mustard and pepper for garnishing. Then the popular beef vegetable soup Rachel Ray is ready to serve.

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