Richard Griffiths Weight Loss

If you’re a die hard fan of the Harry Potter movie series then you will definitely be familiar with the name Richard Griffiths.  So who is Richard Griffiths? Richard Griffiths appeared as Vernon Dursley, the uncle of Harry Potter, in the movie of Harry Potter.  Richard Griffiths weight loss has always been under the spot light.

richard griffiths

Richard Griffiths

We can see from the Harry Potter movies that he had a chubby appearance. When he appeared on Withnail & I movie, he was still recognizable with his legendary bulk. Amazingly, when he appeared in Equus, a Peter Shaffer’s movie, he had amazingly lost weight.

Since then there are a lot of people talked about Richard Griffiths weight loss matters.  However, today we are not  just going to talk about his weight loss only but we are also going to talk about his personal life and career.

Richard Griffiths the Early Years

Richard Griffiths was born on 31 July 1947, in Thornaby-on-Tees, North Riding of Yorkshire, England. His father, Thomas Griffiths, was a steelworker and his mother, Jane, was called as a bagger. Thomas and his wife were both deaf, hence, Richard and his brother John had to learn sign language since they were young so they can communicate with their parents.

His early life was indeed so difficult which made Richard want to run away several times when he was young. When he was fifteen year old, he studied in Our Lady and St. Bede School but decided to drop out and chose to work at Littlewoods’s porter.

Fortunately, his boss encouraged him to continue his study so he can get a better life. His final choice was Stockton & Billingham College, majoring drama, the beginning of his journey in acting world.

In this school he fell in love with acting and decided to continue his study at Manchester Polytechnic School of Drama. This school now is known as Manchester School of Theatre.

Richard Griffiths wife

Richard Griffiths wife

This amazing actor has always known for his bulky figure, therefore, the news of Richard Griffiths weight loss has shocked a lot of people. Some said that he lost weight was intended for his role in Broadway.

Richard Griffiths Weight Loss

Actually, this news is not a shocking case remembering Richard Griffiths has always been known as a devoted actor. No wonder that his appearance on the Equus has successfully astonished a lot of people by all accounts.

Richard Lavon Griffiths

Richard Lavon Griffiths

The career of Richard Griffiths was actually started as staff on BBC Radio and also several small theaters. The first stage role of Richard Griffiths was called a Shakespearean clown, however, he started to search for bigger roles after he decided to settle in Manchester.

Since then, he had appeared on a lot of films and other appearances on TV. His career was developed rapidly since then and he was able to get important roles in popular movies such as Harry Potter, Withnail and I, Gorky Park, King Ralph and many more.

Absolutely, Richard Griffiths weight loss is not the only achievement he successfully reached but a lot of awards for his talent as a professional actor. He got Tony Awards, Outer Critics, Drama Desk Award, and Laurence Olivier Award. His death on 28 March 2013 was definitely a big blow for Hollywood and the Theaters.

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  1. David says:

    Can anyone tell me what Richards Griffiths medical weight problem was please?

    • Diet Master says:

      His GP had recommended radiation therapy to alter his metabolism to help him gain weight. The treatment left his pituitary gland permanently damaged, so his weight ballooned

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