What Are The Best Kidney Cleansing Foods

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Your kidney is one of the most important organs in your body. It has 1 million filtering units in order to play its role in the filtration system. Some other vital functions of the kidney are regulating the blood composition as well as maintaining a healthy blood pressure. They also have the ability to clean the blood from some impurities before eliminating them through a urination process. It is really important for any individual to keep the kidneys in healthy condition so that they can get do various functions optimally.

Liver and Kidney Cleanse Diet

Liver and Kidney Cleanse Diet

If you’re unable to maintain the healthy condition of your kidneys, your body will end up having plenty of accumulated toxins. Such unhealthy situation will only bring more harm to your system. Now that you have a clearer understanding toward the importance of the kidneys, there should be nothing that keeps you away from having a proper diet for your healthy kidneys. Increasing your water intake as well as consuming plenty of healthy foods will be very beneficial to your hard-working kidneys. It would be much better if you started considering consuming the foods that can cleanse your kidneys. If you wanted to know more, keep on reading the rest of this article to find out more about the best kidney cleansing foods.

To start our kidney cleansing food list, let us have a closer look at the raw foods and diuretic teas. These types of herbal foods have the capacity to increase urine production which is essential in cleansing your kidneys. The kinds of raw foods which are beneficial for kidney cleansing are tomatoes, avocados, stews, soups and salads. You can easily add them to your daily menus. Beside your usual breakfast menu, it would be better to have some additional items like avocados and tomatoes. While for your lunch or dinner, the salads, stew or soups could be great and healthy additions.

You can also have an effective kidney cleansing process by having a liquid diet for three to five days in a row. The next time you wake up in the morning, try a glass of water with cranberry concentrate in it would be a nice drink to start the day. This type of healthy drink would be useful in order to inhibit the stone formations in the kidney. To accompany your lunch menu, you can have a vegetable juice made from beets, carrots and cucumbers. This juice will play some part in cleansing your kidney as well as refreshing your system. In order to improve the function of the kidney, you can also drink a cup of hot water with 2 tea spoons of watermelon seeds in it. Do not forget to complete your dinner menu with a carrot and spirulina juice. By the time you wake next morning, you will have a boost of energy to face the entire new day.

Kidney Cleansing Diet

Kidney Cleansing Diet

You will also have a more effective kidney cleansing process by increasing the intake of the types of fruits and vegetables that contain plenty of water since those types of fruits and vegetables cause diuretic effects in your system. The diuretic fruits and vegetables are easy to find in most groceries. Beets, grapes, cabbage, onions and citrus should also be included into your daily diet from now on. Parsley, carrot, celery, cranberries, pomegranate and cilantro are known as diuretic foods as well.

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