Substitute for Tomato Sauce – Some Alternatives

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Tomato sauce is a healthy kind of food that has been very familiar to those who prefer a healthy diet with their healthy lifestyle. This type of sauce is made from tomatoes in general of course. In order to make tomato sauces, all you need to do is prepare fresh tomatoes and cook them and serve them as a medium thick sauce. Be sure to remove the peels and the seeds of the tomatoes as well.

Substitute for Tomatoes

Tomatoes have been a very common ingredient for making healthy sauce since they are rich in flavor and contain low liquid. Their very soft flesh is known to break down very easily that means no difficulty to create a tasty sauce. Tomatoes could be the best option in serving a flavorful sauce for their perfect composition which would be useful for a great thickness. Tomato sauce could be one of the easiest to make. All you need to prepare is chopped tomato flesh then cook them with olive oil for a while before you add some salt for a tastier flavor. The problem occurs when we have no tomato’s in our refrigerator. We desperately need something else to replace the tomato sauce so that we can still enjoy our foods.

Tomato Sauce SubstituteAs we mostly find tomato sauce as a part of a menu, we kind of miss something when we do not have tomato sauce to accompany our vegetables or meat. Any kind of Italian pasta surely requires tomato sauce. Most people are unaware of a simple way to keep tomato sauce from drying out that is adding some flavored liquid such as wine and stock to the sauce. When we try to compare it to some other similar items like tomato paste or tomato puree, we easily consider a tomato sauce as the best one since it is less concentrated as well as has a thinner consistency. However, when we somehow find a problem in serving a tomato sauce, the closest thing to replace it wold be a tomato paste. You can combine three quarters of tomato paste with a cup of water to replace the tomato sauce. Be sure to add some seasonings like salt to make it more tasty.

Tomato Sauce Substitutes

If you happen to have no fresh tomato to make a tomato sauce, you can easily combine a cup of canned tomatoes with water. Stew them together until the combination shows a smooth consistency. There are several other items which you can use to replace a tomato sauce like tomato juice. A cup of tomato juice with dash of sugar and salt would be enough to create a half cup of tomato sauce. All you need to do is see carefully the other items you actually have in your kitchen which could be an alternative for creating a tomato sauce. For example, when you only have tomato puree instead of tomato sauce in your refrigerator, you can combine it with sugar and salt to create a substitute for tomato sauce. Some other people rely on tomato ketchup or even tomato soup to create a tomato sauce.

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