Why Can’t You Lose Weight With Diet and Exercise?

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Today’s culture and modern day lifestyle have brought a large number of people to the era where we gain weight so easily. The modern day foods like most fast foods are mostly to blame as they are relatively more effective and more efficient options being compared to the food we process in our own homes.

In fact, those fast foods do not offer you a healthier choice, they have dragged many people to the unhealthy habit that may cause many harms. These days, you can easily find so many people with unwanted weights on many parts of their body.

Three Reasons Diet & Exercise May Not Be

Some people are doing just about anything to lose the weights on their arms and legs, while some other people are racing against time to lose the fats on their stomach or their face.

So why can’t you lose weight with Diet and Exercise ?

For that issue, most people would rely on having a healthier diet and include exercising into their daily routine. Many people find those two methods very useful to get rid of their unwanted weight.

However, there are some circumstances where we find a number of people who are having a very healthy diet and conducting regular exercise and yet they just cannot lose the weight they want. To see clearly what might be behind the strange phenomenon, feel free to read the rest of this article.

Weight Loss & Diet Plans


Loosing weight is more then exercise and diet

When it comes to the effort of losing the weight all over your body, then there are a pair of aspects that you should carefully consider. Having more physical activities in your daily routine would be one of them. The other aspect is that you should manage your diet to decrease your calorie intake.

When you have successfully included and balanced those two aspects into your effort to lose the weight, it is most likely that you will succeed.

However, when you have done everything correctly and your undesired weight still exists, it would be better if you take a clearer evaluation to see whether there are some sabotaging factors that take part in this.

Is stress stopping you loosing weight ?

Firstly, you should clear yourself of the stressful situation. Sometimes, when you already have the correct diet and some exercises yet you still feel stress, it is most unlikely that you successfully lose any pounds. Keeping yourself away from a stressful situation or finding an effective way to manage your stress would be very essential to support your weight losing efforts.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight With Exercise

Are you hydrated ?

Dehydration could be another sabotaging factor behind your failing efforts. Your body needs to have plenty of fluid in order to maintain a healthy metabolism and dehydrated condition will only slow down the metabolism process in the body. Some other effects of dehydration is that you will eat more foods than you should.

This is mainly because dehydration will make you feel very hungry. Furthermore, once you are dehydrated, you will face some issues in your liver as your liver requires plenty of water to clear toxins.

Some other factors that may ruin the success of your diet and exercise would be your own age. The older you get, the more decreased efficiency you have in your metabolism. The ability of your body to burn calories is also determined by your age. Young people tend to burn calories much faster than their older friends.  Sorry folks but thatss a fact

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