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Having a good fit body, is a dream for many people. To reach that dream, you need to do the things that will build your body such as exercise. A lot of  people don’t realized that exercise is a very important part of keeping healthy. Actually, you can do exercise not only at the gym, you can also do it at home. Some people choose home exercise because it’s more comfortable than at the gym. Getting a good body form, takes more then exercise; you also need to manage your diet. That is a common mistake among a lot of people. So, start now, when you want to get good body, that is fit, just start to exercise and manage your diet.

To support the people who don’t have much time to go to the gym, Beachbody comes with plenty home exercise DVDs. The products of  the Beach body system vary. Some of their products have been developed by a professional trainer like Tony Horton. Tony Horton IS THE American fitness trainer which is known for his boot camp style P90X home fitness program. The popularity of Tony Horton is not only because of his profession as a  exercise instructor but also because of the Tony Horton workouts.

The Tony Horton workouts come in many different forms which are produced by Beachbody. It has plenty of choices such as P90X2, Tony Horton’s 10 minutes trainer, Power 90, P90X2 Ultimate Upgrade Kit, P90X and many more.

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Beachbody – Tony Horton Program

1. P90X2

The P90X2 is a sport science based program which is called Muscle Integration. Actually, the p90X2 is created to increase athletic performance. So, the person who uses the P90X2 can look good with the sport performance to match the look. The P90X2 is the next level of the P90X. the P90X2 has 12 workouts which gives you agility, builds balance, athleticism and core strength. the P90X2 provides the flexibility in terms. It has some phase such as balance phase, phase two for gain muscle, phase three for speed.

2. Power 90

The power 90 of Tony Horton workouts can push you to the max. The Power 90 is created for you who want to lose weight and be fit. The program of Power 90 is just for 90 days. The workout keeps your body from plateauing at a particular point. The Power 90 uses the “sectional progression” training technique. It can tone and burn the fat of your body in one section of the time. The power 90 includes fat burning express plan, guide program, workout calendar, burner meal plan and power sculpting band.

3. 10 minutes trainer

The other Tony Horton workouts type is the 10 minute trainer. This workout is very suited for those who don’t have much time to go to the gym. It is because; you can annihilate your belly fat for only 10 minutes. The total body workout of 10 minutes trainer can help you to lose the weight, great body shape from head to toe. The workout of the 10 minutes trainer includes the total body, yoga flex, core cardio, upper body, lower body and abs routine. If you use the 10 minutes trainer routine, you can see results significantly.

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