Low Fiber Diet Food List

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There are already a lot of diet programs that are ready to help people to get their dreamed ideal body shape. One of those diet types is the low fiber diet. The low fiber diet is a diet that requires you to limit your fiber intake. You need to avoid foods that contain high fiber and opt for those with low fiber instead. This kind of diet is actually considered pretty easy to do so if you are interested in trying it, then you definitely need to get to know the low fiber diet food list so you can get through the diet more easily. Read on!

Diet Overview

Low-Fiber Cooking

Low-Fiber Cooking

Actually, the low fiber diet is not merely used for losing weight but it is more like a necessary for certain issue, such as diverticulitis or other gastrointestinal problems. This kind of medical situation definitely needs a special diet like low fiber diet to stabilize the body into normal mode again. If you are considered a sufferer of this kind of medical situation then you need to limit your fiber intake at maximum twenty grams per day. However, it can also possibly cause you serious gastrointestinal disorder if you do the diet for a long period hence this diet is considered as a short term diet program.

Vegetables and Fruits

Low or No Fiber Foods

Low or No Fiber Foods

The first food category in the low fiber diet food list you need to learn first is the famous ones in all types of diet, vegetables and fruits. Veggies and fruits are definitely two categories of foods that have always dominated the meal menu of all diets. However, the recommended vegetables and fruits in each diet will be different from one to another. As for low fiber diet, there are several fruits and vegetables you need to know. You can eat zucchini, squash, peppers, eggplant, carrot, green beans, beet, and also mushroom. In addition, you can also eat melon, grapes, banana, and also apricot. On the other hand, you need to avoid fruits such as berries, raisin, and any other processed or dried fruits.


No Fiber Foods List

Aside from vegetables and fruits, you need to also get to know what kind of grains you are allowed to consume. In this food category it will be better for you to avoid whole grains and opt for enriched white flour instead. You can try various foods made from the recommended grain ingredients such as tea biscuit, arrowroot cookies, refined pasta, white rice, plain cereal, muffin, bagels, and white bread.

Meats and Dairy

Low or No Fiber Foods

Low or No Fiber Foods

Aside from the previous categories, dairy and meat are also two categories in low fiber diet food list you have to learn as well. For meats, majority of the meat types are allowed in this low fiber diet. However, one thing that you need to always remember is that the meat needs to be cooked until it is perfectly tender, no raw, rare or medium meats are allowed. You can also opt of other alternatives such as egg since it is high protein and low fiber. As for dairy products, most of them are also acceptable but you need to be considerate and consume them sparingly. You need to also avoid cheese with seeds and also yogurt.

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